Despite Uncertainty, Jewish Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Shlucha Mrs. Leah Abelsky gathered a few friends to celebrate the 100th birthday of Nina Zinnovna, a community member who is the oldest Jewish woman in the country.

Mrs. Leah Abelsky, wouldn’t allow the 100th birthday of a community member to go unnoticed.

As the world is taken over by coronavirus, the elderly are told to remain at home for their safety. But for Mrs. Abelsky, that wasn’t going to stop her from her daily visits to the elderly. Especially on such a momentous birthday.

While keeping safe, she gathered a few elderly friends and together they celebrated the birthday of Nina Zinnovna, the oldest Jewish woman in the country.

Rabbi Zushe Abelsky of Chabad Moldova says that as of today, there are 23 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Moldova.

“The borders are closing on Tuesday, and restaurants and Shuls have been closed,” he said. “Schools are closed and no one knows what tomorrow will bring.”

Rabbi Abelsky added, “Purim was celebrated with the utmost of joy and celebration, but now Pesach poses a problem. No Jew in Moldova will be forgotten about, and we will find a way to bring the holiday to them.”